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Dear Readers,

A unique opportunity has come our way. Thanks to my innate powers of manipulation persuasion, I have solicited a real live MAN to consult you on your dating woes. And not just to any man, but a Frenchman, the very same one who inspired our recent “A Frenchman Opens Up About Dating in America” tout de force!

Whether he will wreak havoc on your love life with his French cynicism, or reinvigorate it with his candid wisdom (prime example here!), remains to be seen. Regardless, I would like to preliminarily excuse myself from all liability for his advice. Listen discerningly; proceed at your own risk.

Without further ado, please share your romantic woes in the comment section below, DM them on Instagram, or email them to


  • I asked a guy I discovered on Instagram (from liking 2 of my photos) to meet up at a favorite park of ours that we both frequented (having known from seeing his Insta posts of course). So we met at 2pm on a park bench on a Sunday. We walked around the park’s lake and had a really enjoyable conversation, I had made him bust out laughing on several occasions, but then at one point, he called me dude, because he was excited about seeing a duck doing some crazy think in the lake. He asked me an hour and half into our “meet up” if I had other plans for the day, I said no, not really. Well then he went on to say he needed to do laundry and grocery shopping for the week. I said, oh, ok, well don’t let me keep you (even though I wish he asked me to get dinner or something, why I thought he initially asked the question.) He said we should hang out again sometime and gave me a hug. Then proceeded to walk away from me but I stopped him and asked, “Hey can I get your phone number? I don’t like DM messaging on Instagram.” He was like, ya sure, so I said I will call you from my phone and hang up so you have mine. We then did this. I have not texted him and he has not reached out to me in a week. Is this a case of me just liking him more than he likes me?… Should I message him after this week of silence and if so what should I say?… Because I also feel the ball is in his court type of thing.

  • No woes, just curious about something from the end of the last post: any particular reasons why your Frenchman considers American women more “poised” than their European counterparts? Living on both sides of the Atlantic has made me think the opposite is usually the case. Or at least, men usually think so!

    • From Frenchie:
      Sorry for the confusion! You see, whereas in France we don’t even have a literal translation for the word “date,” in American society this is something that is taken very seriously. About 90% of the time, when American girls go on a date, they show up as prepared as they would be for a job interview! They are all very well-groomed and appear super happy to be on the date – or at least they pretend to be. As a man, it’s quite pleasant to take out someone who seems to be enjoying your company… Even if 80% of the time you will never hear from this girl ever again! 😉

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