Kiss, Marry, or Ghost? (PFW Edition)

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The beauty of fashion is its ability to suggest, to inspire, to awaken dormant personas within us. In the aftermath of the Instagram parade that was Paris Fashion Week, let’s take a moment to review some alter ego options designers has to offer us for Spring 2018, rating their datability with a custom Kiss, Marry or Ghost? game!

Louis VuittonNapoleon 2.0  


What it says: “I’m the coolest chick in town; a regular mix between Napoleon Bonaparte and Muhammad Ali! Stick with me and you will defeat history, survive the Trump Era of Lunacy, and get bumped up to first class on your SpaceX rocket to Mars!”

Vote: MARRY! Survival skills, baby.

Jacques, Et Dieu… Créa la femme


What it says: “I am the reason God invented women. Because, let’s face it, it doesn’t get better than me. I’m hot, I’m young, I’m fun, I don’t wear pants. In fact, I rarely wear clothing, period, opting to spend summers frolicking topless on secluded Corsica beaches. I am mysterious and complicated in that Nouvelle Vague way that men find attractive… That is, until one of my ‘innocent’ trysts destroys  the balance of an entire family,  or community, and I flee, leaving chaos in my wake..”

Vote: KISS! At your own risk!

ChanelSwan in Boots 


What it says: “I’m an exquisite creature that has been imported from a small country in Eastern Europe for to my unique leg-to-body ratio. My raison d’être hinges solely on making this world a more beautiful place. My upkeep is an obscenely expensive endeavor, so please don’t speak to me if you cannot afford me. FYI, I confront plebeian circumstances like rain in 4K over-the-knee boots. In fact, I would probably wear them for a hurricane photo-op!”

Vote: GHOST! Use your brain!

Balenciaga, Éternel Étudiant


What it says: “I am a student and plan to remain one forever, stocking up on women’s studies degrees until I finally decide to do something entirely different – like open an Ayurveda center in Brooklyn, sans business plan! I will never contribute a dollar to the household income, but I am quite lovely and low-maintenance, so don’t let that bother you!” 
KISS! Just. Don’t. Marry.



What it says: “I’m an active Bernie supporter who likes to manifest her stance on humanity’s greed via the ($2K) cloth that covers her skin. Or, maybe, that’s what I want you to think as I wire your money to a cryptic bank account, created to fund a new dystopian society. Or, maybe, I am not a woman but an Internet bot, designed to hack into your brain! Or a transient fragment of your imagination! Or, maybe, I’m not here, and neither are you!”



  • You made me laugh, and that’s not easy, thank you. I’m seriously working on being that kissable girl (I’ve already done the marrying kind, and it was not to my liking) but you make the kissable one sound fun, at least until . . .

    • My pleasure!! The kissable one is every Brigitte Bardot character ever created. Always been my inspiration, yet not so easy to actually put in practice..

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