Calling Your Best Relationship Advice from Mom!

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There is nothing like some old-school advice. As much as our ludicrous generation likes to believe that it unlike no other, forced to deal with the life-altering challenges of economic uncertainty and Tinder dating, I have a news flash for you – human beings, in their essence, are still the same. One has to look no further than hilarious Instagram account of Crazy Jewish Mom and her stream-of-consciousness wisdom, which often rings truer than any new-age-hippie-nonsense that you will find permeating the Internets. Hence, rather than listening to the advice of Kim K and her band of delinquents, I encourage you to seek the invoice to your dear mothers, who have gone through life and hence know a thing or two about how the world works. Last year, I quizzed my friends on the best relationship tips their mothers ever gave them, resulting in one of my favorite articles to this day. With one week left until Mothers Day, I would love to hear from you guys on the best relationship advice your mom’s ever given you! Please email me at and I will publish it next Sunday! Bonus perk: you get to show your mom that the wisdom she taught you made it on a blog called Dbag Dating – how’s that for a Mother’s Day gift?


  • Most of my mum’s advise I can find in your blog.
    One thing she keeps repeating is that you meet people at certain moments of their life, and yours. There can be bad timing, what matters may not be to ” find the right person” but rather find / be found a person of character at the right moment for her and you. At that point you can imagine evolving with someone, a future. Hope this makes sense.
    Sorry for my english, i’m un peu française.
    Love your 2015 Jane Austen blog, keep it up.

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