What Real Women Want for Valentines Day

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My French hubby-in-law was recently asked to recommend a romantic scenario for celebrating Valentine’s Day in Paris. Manicorn that he is, he immediately whipped up the following recipe.

1. Book a table at the private Rose Salon at Cristal Room Baccarat.

2. Take her on a champagne-fueled tour of the art gallery before dinner.

3. Dance “Por una Cabeza” in the reception room, which apparently looks like Versailles.

4. Prepare to be f*cked like a cheesecake.

Do you know what would happen to me if a man booked a table at the private Rose Salon at Cristal Room Baccarat and took me on a private tour of the gallery before dinner and danced “Por una Cabeza” in the reception room that resembles Versailles?

Let’s just say, we wouldn’t even get to #4.


While I may border on the extreme with my notorious penchant for men who consider frozen carrots at 3am to be the epitome of romance, it is my personal belief that most women are far less demanding than men make us out to be. The majority of us are simple creatures who can be easily pleased sans privatization of an island in the Bahamas. And so, in honor of tomorrow’s lovely holiday, I decided to question a few real women of different relationship statuses on what it is that really want on Valentines Day.

The young mother : the gift of time

“For 24 straight hours I wish to be given, by my beloved, the gift of time. Time to eat. Time to sleep. Time to catch up on a years worth of celeb gossip blogs or simply sit on the toilet and contemplate what Dostoevsky meant when he said “the formula ‘two and two make five’ is not without its attractions”. (Mother of an 11-month-old baby, a dorse (dog – horse hybrid) and tender to me, my latin muse, and my hubby-in-law, otherwise known as La Yummy Mummy. Read more here.) 


The newlywed: a trip (and a passport bag) 

Trips are always nice – my hubby  and I are heading to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks for a late celebration. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with a bag. I could use another Chanel bag and wouldn’t complain. A new Chanel Boy Bag – it can be my “passport bag”. Just for passports, Tom Ford lipstick and sunnies” (Aimee Blaut Nord, author of The Formula Blog, married for 4 months) 


The girl in a relationship: she says Kelly, I say proposal 

“Romantic dinner at home, in order to have an easy access to the bedroom. Also, a bag would be nice… Maybe a Kelly?” (Renata Dorfman, Big Dreamer &  jewelry designer of Rendor & Steel

Editor’s note: Girlfriend’s dreamin’. The day I get a Kelly bag for Valentine’s Day is the day pink unicorns will sail through the sky and do somersaults over the rainbow. Anyway, let me tell what every girl in a relationship really wants on Valentine’s Day but will never admit to: AN ENGAGEMENT RING.

Get her this Rendor & Steel ear cuff as an alternative. I have one and I can assure you that she will be the coolest unengaged kid on the block.


The single girl: pretty much anything 

A massage, a new vibrator and a facial. No candy – that’s just a quick fix that will make me fat and perpetuate my single status!”  (Anonymous single girl #1) 

“I want a f*cking date. And I want anything that comes in a red box from Cartier from an ex-boyfriend looking to make amends, whom I will never take back. And I want chocolate, but I don’t want to eat it.” (Anonymous single girl #2) 

“Umm.. The Invisible Boyfriend?” (Moi) 


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