The Parisienne Guide to Holiday Party Dressing


“How do you dress during the holidays?” I ask a group of French girlfriends over lunch at Cojean, an overcrowded Parisian chain with green juice. “Quoi?” The confused silence that ensues makes me feel as though I just asked them how they dress to do their laundry.

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  • love to dress up. Not dress up like a theatre actress, but in feminine fashion forward way…think Dolce and Gabbana meets Lanvin meets Chanel. I work in fashion. My point is – does that become a negative to/for men? While a cool lose tank top with capris is sexy, it’s laid back and not high fashion. What works? Who do we dress for when we are single? Men, women or ourselves? I can’t believe I still don’t know for sure…

    • No matter how many of these articles I write, I strongly believe in dressing for yourself. If you dress down for a guy, you may attract somebody who is looking for a laissez-faire kind of girl, which will be a bit hard to maintain down the line and result in a waste of time for the both of you. However, tone it down for the first few dates to give them a chance to focus on you more than the clothes!!

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