Sunday Kind of Love: Aimee Blaut Nord & Karl Nord

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Despite my own penchant for romantic catastrophes, I have to admit that I’m a sucker for a good story about love gone right. And so, I have decided to sprinkle some dopamine-laden optimism to this blog by introducing a new feature, in which I profile happy couples on their journey to relationship success. To kick it off, I bring to you my good friend and author of The Formula Blog, Aimee Blaut, the newly Aimee Blaut Nord. Aimee is a fellow European expat who picked up her life in New York and followed true love across the Atlantic, all the way to Sweden, where she now lives with her husband, Perfect Fools motion designer Karl Nord. I had the pleasure of attending their beautiful wedding in Florida this past November (check out the pictures here!) and I can confirm firsthand that these two have something special. And so, we sat down at Hotel Amour last Sunday to talk inter-continental love, cultural differences and post-marital sex.

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