Proust Questionnaire: Rebecca Suhrawardi


In which we delve into the innermost secrets of New York-based fashion journalist (and sporadic DD contributor) Rebecca Suhrawardi.

Your favorite qualities in yourself:

Well-read, well-traveled, loyal, honest, healthy, true to myself, talented, independent, smart.

Your favorite qualities in a man / woman:

Honesty, loyalty, health, ambition, talent, old-school values, humility, relaxed (no drama).

Deal-breaker in a man / woman:

Dishonesty, disloyalty, smoking or excessive drinking. 

Your favorite date activity:

Anything adventurous! I love to try new things, going places I have never been, seeing things I have never seen, or even as simple as taking a different path on the hiking trail. I love the excitement and sensation of newness.

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Proust Questionnaire: Julia Reiss


In the second installation of our highbrow Marcel Proust collaboration, we delve into the inner psyche of New York-based writer (& DD contributorJulia Reiss.

Your favorite qualities in yourself: I’m compassionate in both thought and action. My ability to see the humor in just about anything. That, and I’m an excellent cook.

Your favorite qualities in a man: Honesty is, without a doubt, number one. A sense of humor, which inherently belies a certain level of intelligence. And being ambitious, but not in a selfish way. 

Deal-breaker in a man: Someone who can’t apologize or admit when they’re wrong.

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Proust Questionnaire: Jordan Nadler


Introducing a new interrogation series, in which we approach awesome humans and attempt to decipher their dating MO via the famed Proust Questionnaire, tweaked to our personal interest. First up: talented writer, Parisian expat, editor-in-chief of Peacock Magazine and seasoned Dbag Dating contributor, Jordan Nadler

Your favorite qualities in yourself: I am incredibly loyal to the people I love. And for better or worse, I am a creative person and can never really shut that button off.  

Your favorite qualities in a man / woman: Equal parts wit and intelligence. 

Deal-breaker in a man / woman: A lack of any of the above stated qualities. Also, there are certain…skills…that are not negotiable.

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