Green Eggs and Men


News flash: staying home with bébé can make you lose your mind. But, sometimes, in a good way. My friend Rachel, a new mom who regularly references to Disney characters while consulting me on my love life, has recently taken on writing Dr. Seuss rhymes for her mommy blog for La Yummy Mummy. Since the only poetic style  I can attempt emulating is Bukowski’s (how is that for a challenge?!), I begged her to write one for us here on Dbag Dating. Here’s the lyrical surprise I woke up to this morning!

One man, two men
Red men, blue men
How many can you accrue man?

Some you can even call your “boo”,
I really hate that word, how about you?

Some are short, some are tall
With some you can read the writing on the wall.

Some are fat, some are skinny
You can even find some from New Guinea.

Some you catch, some you let go,
They can be slippery fish – I’ll tell you so.

If you find one that is bald,
Do not, do not be appalled.

If you find one that is hairy,
Things may one day turn a bit scary.

Love them, hate them, my-oh-my
But find one you must, before the years go-by.

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