5 Reasons to be Thankful this Thanksgiving


A few things to feel thankful for later tonight while nursing your food baby…

1. The Dbag that got away. The one you cried a river over, fully believing him to be yin to your yang, the Do to your Re, the stuffing to your turkey, the ginger beer to your Moscow Mule; the list of bad analogies goes on. Now that time has worked its magic and you see him for who he truly is, whether it’s an Unemployment Artist who would have made you pay full rent, an Eternal Bachelor who would have strung you along for years before trading you in for a younger version, or a Cross Bearer who would have made your life Lexapro – laden hell, it’s time to count your blessings and be grateful for dodging that bullet, sista!

2. The right to make mistakes. The ones that inevitably come along with making your own choices and building your unique life path, whether it leads you to a prosperous law career or being a stay-at-home mom or accumulating international douchebag memoirs à la yours truly. At the end of the day, making your own decisions – and potential consequent mistakes- is a basic freedom that we often take for granted and should appreciate now, more than ever before. And so, be thankful for the right to peruse your twenties (or thirties – no judgement), making moronic moves while searching for that perfect career or that perfect city or that perfect Dbag; let that freak flag blow with the wind, salute it and windsurf on its coattails!

3. The occasional Manicorn. While I myself cannot vouch for this phenomenon, my experience profiling our Sunday Kind of Love couples has shown me that the the rare Manicorn bird does happen to fly by ever so often (at which point your job is to strap him in for good!) So, if you do happen to have snatched one up, offer him a token of your appreciation in the form of a sexual favor, the practice of the Triple Thought Filtration System, or just not poisoning the turkey. As for the rest of us – fingers crossed!

4. The people who take your sh*t. Here, you have the voluntary contenders, otherwise known as Squad; and those obligated to tolerate you by law of nature, otherwise known as Family. Both are equally important and should be appreciated for their impressive track record of being there for you through thick and thick and pudgy, and ragingly hormonal, and borderline alcoholic, and any other shade of your own personal Crazy!

5. Your wonderful self. No, I’m not talking about the gift you bear on this universe with your mere existence (although I do assume that this blog is scoring me a comfy penthouse in Heaven). I’m talking about occasionally taking a nice long look in the mirror and being grateful for being given a functioning, fine-tuned vehicle of a body and a semi-adequate cerebral engine. Try looking in that mirror and seeing the good stuff in lieu of the flaws. Try being grateful. You may be surprised.

Ok, Yoda is off to watch other people cook! Gobble gobble!

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