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For every person who is naturally at ease with all things love and relationships, there’s a nerdy loser such as myself, who attempts to turn them into a science. Another (far more successful) nerdy loser happens to be Neil Strauss, author of “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists”, a NY Times bestseller on “the most devastatingly effective techniques ever invented to seduce women.”

Select gems include:

  • Don’t walk up to a woman who’s all by herself, it is better to find a woman in a group. Pick a target in the group and then intrigue her by pretending to be unaffected by her charm. The best way to do this is by using a “neg – an accidental insult or a back-handed compliment.
  • Create “false time constraint” – a reason that the conversation could end very soon. This puts the woman in a position where she must convince the man she is interesting. (Wtf?)
  • It takes roughly seven hours for a woman to be comfortably led from meet to sex. (Apparently, there is also something called “anti-slut defense” – a woman doesn’t want you to think she’s easy, so she offers last-minute resistance.. Sounds familiar.)

You can enjoy more for yourself HERE.

Granted, after two hours of listening to this bucketload of bullshit on YouTube, I decided to try to configure a similar approach for women – after all, TWO CAN PLAY THIS GAME. Since I am hardly the expert, I decided to source the advice of my friend Roxy, retired Man Seducer Extraordinaire. Here’s what she had to offer.

  • Girls got it all wrong by thinking that men pick them. YOU pick the one you like, and YOU seduce him. Let’s pretend you’re at a bar and a man catches your attention. Look at him, then look away. Wait a few seconds, then look back, catch his eye and smile, making it very clear that you are interested. Turn away and don’t look back. The ball is in his court – if he is interested, he will approach you. Also, maybe find another guy you’re not that into and talk to him briefly to send mixed signals. (It is essential  to keep a man confused roughly 95% of the time.)
  • Seduction is done through the eyes. Keep a steady eye contact, smile, and never underestimate the power of excessive mascara. (In general, unless you look like Gigi Hadid, hair and makeup must always be on-point.) I am personally all about smiling a lot, which puts the man at ease and makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Transmit rays of sunshine via your mouth and eyeballs, giving him a fond memory to hold on to when you become a moody psycho-bitch later on.
  • Make him feel like a man, like he is big and strong and important. Let him feel like he has the control, while in reality you have him by the balls. This one is the oldest – and most sexist – tricks in the book, and yet it holds a dose of truth.
  • Have a life. but don’t be too unavailable or flaky. This is something I’m learning the hard way – too much “hard-to-get” makes a guy draw back, as he figures you’re simply not that into him. Walk that fine line between Interested and Occupied with your mysterious, ultra-glamorous life. You know, the one where you sit home with your quinoa bowl watching Scandal.
  • Be yourself. Be honest and real, make some nice gestures, show them the sweet side to you. And yet, still retain mystery, as though you are not revealing everything quite yet. A bipolar angel, mind you.

Basically, seducing a man can be best compared to torturing a poor dog by dangling a delicious steak in front her, but never letting her eat it. Occasionally, you can scrape off pieces and give them to her, little by little, but the main goal is to always keep her yearning for more.. Preferably, for the rest of her poor, miserable life.

Easy, breezy, brilliant… Do I have a bestseller here yet or what?!


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