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“Why are you so weird?”

It has recently come to my attention that I am a terrible blogger, lacking the selfies, tweets, and other ADD-inducing micro-content that makes the World Wide Web the colorful place that it is. While you will have to wait for an OOTD post (probably, forever), I will indulge in some narcissism by creating a little bulletin board in which you guys can post any question you would like answered!

While I doubt that I am that much of an enigma, perhaps there is something about this walking disaster of a human that piques your curiosity? Or, perhaps, you would simply like me to dispatch some terrible dating advice? If so,  write your question in the comments section and I will answer directly!

You can also email me at and I might make a nice anonymous post out of it!

And remember, there are no stupid questions, but only truly idiosyncratic answers, which you are most definitely guaranteed!


  • I think one of the best parts of this blog and what keeps me coming back is that it *isn’t* a self promotional stream of tweets, selfies, IG links that other (dating) blogs have. Keep it up!

    But if you want some random questions, here goes:

    * Would you / will you ever move back to NYC?
    * Do you think tinder has overall helped or hurt dating?

    • First of all, THANK YOU, both for being a loyal reader and appreciating my lack of selfie galleries! Although I do wish I was better at shameless self-promotion and all that other revenue-driving jazz.. But, alas, I am crap at it.


      * Would you / will you ever move back to NYC?
      Yes. In fact, I think about it constantly, particularly while being reprimanded by a snooty French waiter for my mere existence. I am definitely getting to a point where I am way too bored / comfortable in Paris, but at the same time I happen to love the European lifestyle and the traveling opportunities it allows me. That said, ideally I would like to establish some sort of scenario where I am back and forth between Paris and NYC. (Or maybe throw a new – warm – city in the mix? LA?)

      * Do you think tinder has overall helped or hurt dating?
      I was recently talking about this with two friends, a couple (interview coming up soon!) and they were saying that Tinder has taken the spontaneity and glamour out of dating, turning it into “product testing”. I used to be the first person to argue the defense, claiming that Tinder reduces the time and energy that it takes to go to a bar to scope people out, connects different social circles, and is super helpful in a city like Paris, where men don’t approach women. And yet, despite all of this, I have never once seen it work out in the long run, neither for myself, nor for any of my friends. Something about Tinder may have made people a little too superfluous, a little too much of a commodity, a little too easy to just replace with a swift swipe right. And that is just wrong.

  • hi! i (and my 6 flat mates) think your blog is hilarious! keep it up! completely unrelated question: heading to st petersburg area soon for a week! any top tip travel tips? food esp. THANKS

    • Hi Rachel and 6 flat mates, thank you so much!!

      Here are some recommendations for St Petersburg for you, as relayed by my friend who lives there:

      Fancy restaurants:
      W Hotel restaurants
      Il lago

      More affordable but really good – all the restaurants of the Ginza Group:

      Sceney restaurants:
      Goose goose

      Also, Rubenshtein street has plenty of good restaurants, you can walk around and choose one to your liking. As far as travel tips, just enjoy the White Nights if you are going in the summer, take a boat ride on the canals, visit the Hermitage and see a ballet in the Mariinsky theater!

      Hope this helps, and HAVE FUN!!

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